10 Favorites


1. Your Typical Plaid Flannel

How can it be winter and you not have at least one plaid flannel shirt? These are so super comfy and very trendy. They range from super duper cheap to pretty expensive, depending on where you want to buy it. Overall, you can’t go wrong with a flannel shirt. Whether you are going to a coffee house, class, or just lounging around, flannel plaid shirts are the best during the fall/winter seasons. I got mine at Target in the mens section; however, there are a bunch at Forever21, H&M, etc.


2. Gold Sparkle Heel

In my opinion, anything that glitters is always in! But, especially during the winter time, these glitter pumps are a knock out. Wear them for a New Year’s party, a night out on town, a birthday party, you name it! Having a cute and comfortable pair of sparkly heels is a must in every girls closet. Glitter heels range from a low kitten heel, to a pump, stiletto, wedge, seriously any kind of heel you can think of, someone has made! Have an old pair of heels you don’t like anymore? You can even GIY (glitter it yourself)! Super easy and a fun way to recycle old shoes into a new, trendy hit. I got these from Target!

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3. I Like to Shine, Just Not on My Face!

Ever look in the mirror after a long day and think “wow, did I look like this all day”?! It happens to me all the time. I have naturally more oily skin, so I am always on the lookout for some kind of “miracle” powder or beauty product that won’t make me so shiny! My sister let me use this powder and I fell in love. At first, I thought it was like a really light blush…didn’t get the point of it. I started patting it all over my face after applying my makeup and WOW my face isn’t shiny. It works a lot like Urban Decay’s “no- slick” translucent powder. I like this one a lot because I don’t need to apply and reapply it throughout the day to keep my face shine free. It works really well and lasts for hours. I recommend it to anyone with a more “shin” complexion. It is MAC and Hello-Kitty! So perfect. This product is called Pretty Baby Beauty Powder.


4. Get the Skinny on Some Skinny Jeans

EVERYONE loves a good pair of skinny jeans. Skinny jeans can be SO hard to find because while one brand fits one woman perfectly, another woman might try them on and loathe them. My all-time favorite skinny jean (as of right now) is the skinny jean from Express. They are comfortable and don’t squeeze your waist or thighs, but still fit well and don’t bunch anywhere, which is usually such a pain when buying skinny jeans. They are really good quality jeans for a fraction of the price. I have had these skinny jeans for about 2 years now (probably more) and they still look brand new; no holes, no tears or runs, and still fit like a glove! Dark wash is best for the winter, and these are like a medium dark wash. They are super versatile and go with every outfit.  I would seriously go try Express denim if you are having a hard time finding a good pair of denim.


5. Tights, Tights, TIGHTS!

BRR it is cold outside!! But, winter dresses are always so cute and if you’re like me, you don’t want to be stuck wearing jeans all the time. I love an assortment of tights, although I am not a fan of the patterned ones (I’m not in elementary school anymore). These tights are soo comfy and stretchy, but never stretch out. They fit like a glove and I have had them for a little over a year now with absolutely no runs or holes whatsoever! I like the solid black tights, as well as sheer black pantyhose and nude because these can really tie together an outfit as well as keep your legs warm. As always, I got all of my tights at Target (where else), but you can find great tights virtually anywhere now.



6. Eye Shadow Pallets

Seriously one of my favorite things of makeup to get and try are eye shadow pallets. They are so pretty and you can find so many different ways to mix and match looks to create your perfect shadow! I love a good smokey eye, but I am all about those gorgeous browns and creams. Sometimes I like to mix it up with a pale pink too. I love these two pallets because they come with cards that teach you how to apply their makeup and tutorials on how to achieve a “day” look, a “night” look, as well as a “fashion” look. I don’t really use them anymore, but they give you such great ideas and are very helpful for beginners. These two pallets go with me on every trip and the makeup stays on all day and very rarely creases. Featured in this picture is the Two Faced Naked eye and the Two Faced Natural eye.  Two Faced gets two thumbs up!!


7. My secret beauty product…revealed!

Okay, so I am about to spill my secret beauty weapon. This Laura Geller eye shadow pallet is BEAUTIFUL. It is shimmery, has an assortment of cream, gold, bronze, and a very pretty copper/brown color. I love to blend in the three light colors on my eye lid and then use the brown one for my crease. It looks so pretty. But; here’s the kicker. I like to use a blush brush and swirl it all around the pallet and lightly sweep it across my cheekbones for an extra highlight! CRAZY I know. This creates that “dewy”,  Victorias Secret look that I love. It is so natural and simple, but really adds something to your overall look. Just a light dust across the cheekbones and wa-la; beauty. Laura Geller, you have done it again! This product is called Baked Eye Dreams Sandbar.


8. Simply Shabby Chic

My favorite look right here. A classic button-down with a twist. This shirt is literally SO comfortable and soft I could sleep in it. It is a light gray shade and such a flexible fit. I got it from Nordstrom Rack, so it was such a steal. This shirt can be dressed up or dressed down, which makes it a perfect shirt for the “day to night” transformation in a time crunch. I love this shirt so much. If I am ever in a rush and need to create a cute outfit fast, my hand always pulls for this shirt first. It is a must in my closet.


9. Who Needs a Boyfriend to Have an Awesome Cardigan?!

The whole “boyfriend” cardigan is such a hit. This cardigan is my new favorite in my closet. It is a thicker cardigan with three low buttons. The sleeves aren’t too short which is perfect because usually woman cardigans are made for abnormally short armed people. This cardigan has a slouchy feel which is perfect for a lazy day home. Like all of my favorite accessories, this cardigan can be EASILY dressed up and dressed down. Cardigans are my weakness, and this one takes the cake with its slouchy/beachy feel. Way to go Target for always having my back!


10. Forget the Gold Medal, Give me the BRONZE!

I love bronzer. It is one of my favorite beauty products. If I were stuck on an island and could only bring one beauty product, I would die. Ha just kidding, I would probably have to bring this bronzer. It is so natural looking and gives you that perfect amount of glow that us pale people covet, especially during the winter. Benefit has some of the best beauty products, in my opinon, and this bronzer is no exception. I have been using it for years and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Unlike most bronzer, it is matte; meaning NO SHIMMER. I usually love shimmer, but in a bronzer, I think it is so much more natural looking when the bronzer is more matte. This bronzer blends beautifully and lasts for a long time. I love this bronzer so so much and everyone should try it! This product is by Benefit and it is called Hoola!


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