10 Ways to get Healthy Fast



The newest craze in social media? Being healthy. All over instagram, my newsfeed is laced with posts of girls with amazing abs, legs, healthy food options, new healthy recipes and more! It is hard to deny the lure the health industry has on Americans to simply eat clean and be healthy! Not to mention BE FIT! But as I know, and I’m sure many of you readers know too, being healthy is hard. It isn’t always convenient and it is even harder when you don’t have a support system. here are 10 ways to be healthy; simple things you can alter in your life that will give you a big difference and lead you on your journey to being healthy.


1. Get a Support System

Having a good support system is one of the strongest things a person can have when it comes to getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle. Take a look at your friends. Are they encouraging you or prohibiting you from living a healthy lifestyle. Do they plead for you to go get Taco Bell after a football game or do they invite you to their place to make smoothies? That is just an example, but I think it deserves some thought. Friends are there to encourage you and uplift you. Encouraging you to live in an unhealthy lifestyle will not only result in obesity, but it could also lead to other obstacles in your life later on, even premature death. A good support system looks out for EVERYONE’s well being in the group.

Look for friends that will work out with you in a non competitive environment. Friends that will cook with you, uplift you, and help you on your daily journey to being fit and healthy. Without a strong support system, it is easy for one to fall back into bad habits.

2. Drink lots of water

Water is so key to living a healthy life. Our bodies are comprised of between 60-70% of water. THAT’S INSANE. Most of us are dehydrating ourselves unintentionally. How much water do you have a day? No, coke and coffee do not count. I mean pure, thirst quenching H2O. Drinking plenty of water will not only clear up skin, but your organs need water to function. More water=more hydration=better functioning metabolism, muscles, lungs, heart, everything! If you also suffer from headaches, instead of always reaching for the advil, reach for more water. A fun saying I love to live by is if you aren’t peeing about every hour, you aren’t drinking enough water.

3. Get enough sleep

SLEEP IS SO IMPORTANT. I am in college and almost all of my friends don’t get enough sleep. Heck, sometimes I don’t either. I get laughed at sometimes, but yes I go to bed early (early for college kids I guess anyways..). That means I have a goal to at least be turning off my lights at 11:30pm every night. I consider this late, too. As a generalization, we need to be getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night, maybe 7. Yes, I can function off 5 hours, but my body can’t. Want a healthy body? Stop playing video games or trolling FaceBook until 2 in the morning, unless you don’t have to set your alarm until 11 am. However, I wake up at 6 am every day, so going to bed at 11:30 is still not enough hours. Sleeping recharges our bodies for a new day, why would we want to skip out on that?

4. Opt for the Walk

I love cars. I love my Jeep. I love driving when I can. However; if you can walk, opt for that! It is easier for people who live in a city or live somewhere where everything is conveniently located by their house to walk everywhere, but I know many of us don’t have that option. Instead, to add in more walking time, park farther away from a building, walk around your room while studying instead of sitting at a desk, take the longer route to class or to your office. TAKE THE STAIRS NOT THE ELEVATOR. These may seem like little things, but trust me they add up.

5. Eating raw

Processed foods are everywhere. Trust me;  I know. And yes, they sometimes taste good too (I love GolfFish). But, if you truly want to be healthy, you need to try to eat as much raw food as possible. Raw in the sense that it is not processed. Fill your diet with lean chicken, fish, vegetables, and fruit. No artificial sugars and all that crap that producers add into their food to make it taste good. Something to live by; If you can’t pronounce the ingredient, you shouldn’t be eating it.

6. Meal prepping

Too busy to eat healthy? Pick a day out of the week where you can make a few meals for a few days (or the whole week if possible). Store in containers in the refrigerator and now you have a healthy “fast food”. If you don’t want to prep for the whole week, prep for the day the night before! It makes eating clean so much easier and quicker; now there is no excuse!

7. Cardio training

We spend most of our days on our booties in chairs, on couches, studying, working, you name it. It is important to fit in AT LEAST 30 minutes of cardio a day. That can be something as simple as walking, running, treadmill, elliptical, you name it. Something that burns some calories and gets you off your booty!

8. Weight training

Having more muscle causes you to burn more calories. Who doesn’t love that? Girls, don’t be afraid of “bulking up”. You won’t. The body builder women who are HUGE go to extremes. Doing some free weight training gives you a toned leanness to your build which is very flattering. Weight training is something I am so passionate about and I think is essential to living a healthy life style.

9. Portion control

Sometimes you want to have some ice cream. I get it; trust me. The key to this is portion control. Don’t starve yourself of everything you love. Everything (for the most part..) is fine in moderation.

On your plate, the biggest section should not be carbs or sweets. Opt for mostly protein, vegetables, and then a little carb. Portion control will change your life. Also, if you eat slower, you will get fuller FASTER and not overeat. Eating slowly gives your stomach time to signal to your brain that you are FULL and you can stop eating before you dominate your giant plate.

10. Steer clear of temptations

Temptations are everywhere. I am a huge chocolate person. If it is in the house; trust me I will eat it. In order to not give into your temptations, you have to not buy them. I know that is hard. But think, if you put a dog treat in front of a dog….the chances are the dog will eat it. Even if he was in the other room. Once the dog knows there is a dog treat there, he will eat it eventually. Even if you have immense self control. It is better to steer clear of those temptations than to play with them daily.


These are just my person opinions about being healthy and fit. If you don’t agree, great! If you agree, great! E-mail inquiries at Kellyrh414@hotmail.com



Kelly Ruth 


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