Friday Fab Five

Can you believe it is already 2014?! I know I can’t. To start off the new year, I have compiled a few of my recent must haves that I think everyone should have!



1. Natural Health Magazine

This is a new magazine for me! I have never seen it on bookshelves until I was at the Airport recently and knew I had to have it. Boy, was I right! This magazine has it all. It is one of my new favorite healthy magazines, and I have read quite a few of them. It isn’t dull, gives you new and noteworthy tips on fitness and health, and has great interviews of celebrities. This magazine promotes a healthy lifestyle and really tries to get it’s readers pumped up for living a healthy lifestyle…naturally! I love love LOVE this magazine; it is a new favorite.




2. Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders 

This is a phenomenal book. I am half-way done right now, but I seriously love it. The author goes through scripture and Jesus’ teachings to tell the readers how to be a leader… a true leader. Ambition is great, but one must use it in a Godly manner. This book is great for anyone who has a leadership role or wants to have one in the future. Because I want to be a high school teacher and drill team director, this book is right up my ally. If you haven’t heard of it yet, I highly recommend looking it up. Our world needs more leaders.




3. Bath and Body Works Forever Red Vanilla Rum 

Um… YUM!!! This is such a yummy smelling lotion that lasts for hours. This lotion is also formulated thicker than a lot of lotion brands and even the older formula of Bath and Body works. Because of this, it moisturizes SO MUCH BETTER. My dry, cracking skin on my hands instantly smoothes out and gets nourished with just one use of this thing. With a long lasting smell and smooth, soft skin…what more could one want? This scent is different than most of the bath and body works scents I have encountered; with a hint of vanilla adding a sultry romantic feel. I absolutely love this product!





Something that I recently rediscovered are slippers. I used to think it was “loserish” to wear slippers all the time…who does that? Socks are so much more in, right? UM, NO. I have this new obsession with slippers. I have been wearing my Bath and Body works sheep slippers for a year now and they are sooo dingy (even after multiple washes..). So, for Christmas, my  mother bought me this super cute sweater pink slippers. They are fuzzy inside and oh so comfortable. Honestly though, whatever brand of slipper you get, GET SOME. There is something special about being comfy, cozy, and stylish.





I was feeling crafty over the winter break! So, I made some cute glitter letters for my kitchen. A tutorial will be coming soon even though this project was beyond easy! I have a few tips and tricks though, so be sure to check back here under my crafts section. This really brightens up my kitchen and adds some personality, without being too messy and in your face. I love simple crafts like this one!


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