Give Thanks Burlap Banner

Give Thanks Banner 

I love being crafty and trying different things. I have been seeing cute, festive bannersall over Pinterest and decided to give it a try. Obviously, I’m no professional and it was my first time attempting this project…so it is not perfect. But life isn’t perfect and I really enjoyed making it. Crafting is a talent that doesn’t happen over night and takes a lot of time, patience, and most importantly, PRACTICE.
So here is what you will need;
4 pieces of Burlap 12” by 12” squares (felt section in Hobby Lobby) or these easy ones here 
Hemp Cord from Hobby Lobby
Black paint marker
Word Document
Hot glue gun
Regular scotch tape to hang when done
This banner was super easy for me to do!
Just follow these simple steps;
1) If you don’t buy the already pre-cut triangle burlap pieces, cut the individual square sections into the size triangle you want (this is what I did the first time but it would have been much easier buying them pre cut)
2)  Type out what you want your banner to say on a Word Document
3) Place one triangle piece over your computer screen with the letter for that triangle blown up and then LIGHTLY trace the outline of the letter onto the burlap. The triangle should have the base at the top and the point at the bottom. Make sure your marker doesn’t bleed through onto the computer screen. The burlap is so thick that it shouldn’t give you any problems, but just in case it does, be on the lookout!
4) Once you have traced all of your letters, lay them out against the Hemp cord and space them accordingly
5) Grab your hot glue gun and glue the base of the triangle onto the string so the triangle hangs like a flag. Do this for all of them
6) optional: If you want to add some cute decorations to the burlap, go for it! I added brown and cream flowers so it looks more “fall-like”.
7) hang it anywhere you want and voila!
Like I said, super simple and super fun! Got a lot of compliments on it and I can’t wait to make one for Christmas time!

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