Glitter ANYTHING tutorial

I am a huge fan of anything with glitter. I love the way it looks and its just so pretty! A lot of people I know shy away from glitter because it gets everywhere. You can clean for hours and you will still find glitter in random places, even months later. I know I am still finding glitter in my car from my high school days, over 2 years ago…

I have found 2 very easy and effective ways in preventing glitter from shedding everywhere, along with an easy clean up and beautiful results!!!


Option 1

You know those clear cutting boards? USE THAT! When you glitter something, glitter over this board! That way, any sparkles that fall off won’t fall on the table or floor, but on the clear, flexible, cutting board. Then, when you want to shake off the extra glitter, shake it over the cutting board. Once your object is perfectly glittered, using the flexible board as your medium, funnel the left over glitter back into the jar! No mess and super easy!

Let your object that you glittered dry for a few minutes (maybe 15?). Once it is done drying, get out your paintbrush and gently reapply a thin layer of mod podge over the glitter. This seals in the glitter!! Let that dry for about 15 minutes, then reapply another layer! 2 layers should be the perfect seal, although if you went very light, you might want to do three!!

Sealing in the glitter with glue really prevents any glitter from shaking off! And it provides a nice, clean, finish to your project and makes it look more fancy and expensive than it really is!!

Option 2

Option two is pretty easy as well! Instead of shaking the glitter onto the object you are glittering, get a bowl or tubbaware and pour in some mod podge. After you have a decent amount (depends on project, you can always add more!), pour in some of the glitter as well. This will result in a chunky, sticky, glittery substance. Using your paint brush, brush where you want the glitter to be. Let this layer dry for about 15 minutes, and then keep doing this same activity over and over again until you get the amount and consistency of glitter that you want! Then let it dry and Wa-la! New, glittery project! 

Mixing in the glitter and the glue provides a quick seal for the glitter, no shaking and re-pouring needed! Only down side, you MUST immediately wash and clean the tubbaware or bowl afterwards because the glue will dry and the glitter will be very hard to get off! But it is doable!


Now, you can have a mess free, glittery DIY project that is lots of fun and will last much longer!!








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