Glitter Vase


Glitter This and That! 

I love everything glitter! Especially Gold Glitter (that’s my favorite color!)

This is probably my FAVORITE craft to do! It looks so cute and elegant, yet it is sooooo easy! Many people think it looks hard but it takes like 2 seconds and then you let it dry!

What you need:

  • glitter of your choice. For finer glitter, I love Martha Stewart. For bulkier glitter (like the gold glitter in the picture), the generic brand at Hobby Lobby works great.
  • Vase, old candle jar, glass container, etc.
  • Mod Podge
  • a medium width paint brush (1 inch about)
  • flexible cutting board


  1. Wash/rinse out your vase or glass container so there are no smudges
  2. Paint the inside of your vase/glass container with Mod Podge using the paintbrush. I start at the bottom of the glass and work my way up to the top by applying an even and thin layer of glue. This glue is sticky so you don’t need to have a dense coat.
  3. When finished “painting”, sprinkle in your glitter. Again, starting at the bottom and then rolling the glitter around the vase/glass container until all of it is covered with glitter.
  4. To dump out the extra glitter, turn your vase/glass container upside down OVER the flexible cutting board (make sure it is big enough). Now that all of your extra glitter is one the cutting board, you can bend the cutting board into a type of funnel to pour BACK INTO your glitter container! Now you can reuse the glitter and not waste your money! It is also an easy and NO MESS pick up! Whoever said glitter is too messy needs to research new ways to clean it up! I rarely make a mess with this method.
  5. Set your glitterized vase/glass container near a window in the sun for a few hours. For insurance, I like to let mine set for about a day until I put anything in it, just incase. If yours has been drying for days and you can still see some white glue (usually at the bottom) don’t worry; the glue will try in a couple days. Maybe you were just a little heavy handed with your glue supply this time. It happens to me too, but don’t worry, it WILL dry and your finished product will be perfect!
  6. Now that you are done, you can add fake flowers, make up brushes, pens, whatever you want your jar to hold!

DSCN0700Flower vase that is in my “beach themed” bathroom.

DSCN0702I glittered an old candle jar and made it into my Makeup Jar! Martha Stewart glitter.


I filled it with pebbles for that “beach feel”.


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