Good Friendships



In this day and age, it can be very challenging to find a good group of friends, let alone a friend you can depend and rely on; someone who is there for you even in the tough times. From my experience, this generation is full of selfishness and the “Me” mentality. If something doesn’t immediately benefit yourself, why bother doing it? That is not the mindset of a true and loyal friend.

The idea of friendship has become muddled over the past few decades. The “perfect friend” for girls looks like someone who talks drama with you, gossips but “never” about each other, someone who has your back at a party, helps you with your guy drama, and is always there to cheer ya up! For a male, characteristics in a “perfect friend” might be someone who likes the same hobbies, will help get girls, easy going (hello party?!?), and someone who will just have a good time. Some on these qualities are great, but it is the medium in which they are handled that really matters.

Society today is so mixed up. There are so many “Christians” out there who are really not glorifying God EVER. Being a “Christian” is now more of just a cultural thing, and not a way of life. People have “high morals”, but it is okay to sleep with your significant other if you have been dating for over a year right?! Or, you only party on occasions, and you don’t get that that’s okay right!? Hm…. I think the Bible would say differently.

So what constitutes as a good friend?

When searching for a true friend, as a Christian, one should always look for a person after God and not worldly things. Obviously, we all sin and we all have worldly desires, but God should always be at the center of everything we do.

Let’s compare and contrast a Godly friend verses a Worldly friend.

A godly friend encourages you to live your life for Jesus Christ. They will straight up tell you when to repent, which can be intimidating but they are genuinely looking out for your soul. A godly friend ALWAYS points you towards the Gospel and not towards what society thinks is acceptable. They will keep you accountable and always be there by your side.

A worldly friend, on the other hand, encourages you to be like everyone else. Everyone else parties? Great, let’s go to a frat party. No one is a virgin anymore? You are waiting for marriage? Wow…..that’s lame…no one waits anymore so neither should you. You like this guy but he isn’t a Christian? That’s okay, hook up with him anyways…he could change! While some of these scenarios are just that, scenarios, they are also very real. A worldly friend focuses you on what society deems “cool” and “mainstream”. Instead of pointing you towards Jesus and encouraging you in your faith, they have a tendency to lead you away from Jesus and into a world of sin. Yes, we all sin, but that doesn’t mean that we, as Christians, can stop trying to live our life as God would.

So, what kind of friends do you  have? Do your friends pick you up or knock you down? Do they encourage you in your faith and keep you accountable, or do they encourage you to go to the next big fraternity party or hook up with a random person? The friends you have matter.




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