“Healthy” lies I told myself


Being fit and healthy is the new trend for 2014, at least for me. Gone are the days where everyone just wanted to be frail and skinny. Now, being physically fit and healthy are the goals of most people my age, and I am assuming most people in general. There are so many new shows, workout videos, brands, bloggers, YouTubers, gyms, etc that gear themselves towards achieving a healthy lifestyle. It is easy to buy into the gimmicks of being healthy. Here are some foods that I bought into because they seemed to be “healthy”, when in reality…they aren’t.

1. Snapea crisps 


These bad boys are SO yummy. Like seriously…I could eat the whole bag in one setting if I really wanted to. They come in so many different seasonings and, like the package suggests, they are made from Snapeas!! So healthy, right?! No. This snack is just a glorified chip. The package suggests that it is a snapea dehydrated into a crisp. In actuality, this crisp is a combination of snapeas, corn, rice, and many other ingredients mashed up to create the appearance of the vegetable. Add in some not so healthy seasoning and salt, and you get a great tasting glorified chip! These are not healthy. 

2. Reduced Fat Peanut Butter


So, as many people know, I am a peanut butter addict. I LOVE PB! I put it on bread, bananas, apples, or even from the spoon. It’s an addiction, I know. One of the gimmicks I fell into when I first started obsessing over peanut butter my Freshman year of college was the “reduced fat” label. Sure, less fat sounds great right? Well, in many of these peanut butters, in order to compensate the reduced fat, companies add in sugar, salt, or other ingredients you don’t want more of. Also, peanut butter is loaded with the essential fats that our body needs. Why would we want to reduce that? What I found is best, go for a natural or organic peanut butter. Look at the ingredients label, if your peanut butter has more than a few ingredients in it, chances are, its not organic and it is not good for you. My favorite peanut butter is here. This peanut butter is made of only TWO ingredients! YUM.

3. Diet Soda


This is a no brainer. I am still surprised by all the people I meet that haven’t grasped this yet. SODA IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU. Period. Not even diet soda. Go ahead and whine about it, but if you want to be healthy and fit and live your life to the fullest, you have to ditch all sodas. Diet sodas are such a joke as well. While they pack 0 calories, they are loaded with nasty chemicals that you should not be putting into your body. Stick to water. Water is what your body is made of anyways! NOURISH your body!

4. Energy bars and Protein bars


After a workout you want to have a protein bar to build muscle? Or lacking energy, so have an energy bar? Um…wrong. These bars might have a substantial amount of protein or energy packed into them, but they are loaded with sugar and weird ingredients you can’t pronounce. It defeats the purpose of working out when right afterwards you amp up on sugar and chemicals. Yummy. Tired after a workout? Try eating a banana. Bananas are loaded with potassium which gives you energy before or after a workout. Want to build muscle? Make your own protein smoothie/shake at home! 

5. Smoothies


Speaking of smoothies, most smoothies are actually not good for you at all. If you go to a chain store, most likely, these smoothies are made of only a little bit of fruit for flavoring purposes. Some stores even add in fruit flavored syrup (seriously?!). The main ingredient? Ice cream, yogurt (a “healthy” trick), or lots of milk. Smoothies are so easy to make. Instead of adding in unnecessary ingredients, just add fruit and water! You can even add your protein powder for an after-workout kick. Smoothies are simple, no need to add in extra fat, calories, etc to something that is so nutritional in itself. Even some of my favorite smoothie places add in “fruit” juice to their smoothies. While they taste good, they are loaded with sugars and chemicals. Opt for making your own.

So what can I eat??

UNPROCESSED FOODS! When trying to eat healthy, I hate to break it to you, but you must simple, eat healthy. These foods cannot be bought in a box or a bag. No matter what, carrots will not taste like potato chips. There is not easy way into being healthy. There is no shortcut.

My favorite snacks? Coming soon. 


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