Insecurities. Everyone has them. No matter how “perfect” you think someone is, they still feel self-concious about something. Just accept yourself for who you are and enjoy being YOU.



“Okay, great. So I just need to love being myself! I can do that!” And five minutes later, you are back at the mirror staring at your flaws and questioning how you can conceal or get rid of them. This is the cycle of many people, including myself. We are our biggest critic. We see the flaws in ourself that many others would never even notice. It is hard to not see them once your mind points them out, or a friend makes fun of something about you… that memory is hard to forget.

I was looking at pictures of myself (don’t lie…we all do it) and I was wondering what I could do to fix _______. I was looking for answers everywhere and kept coming back empty handed. These flaws have been haunting me everywhere and now that I have found them, I feel like there is just a spotlight on them at all times and everyone notices them the first time they see me. This, of course, is silly…but I still can’t help but think that.

I think we need to get at the root of the problem. Society emphasizes the “perfect” girl or guy. If you don’t fit the mold, there are certain steps you can take to make yourself fit that mold. But what happens if you can’t? This is when you start forming insecurities and self-hatred, to an extent. Obsessing over things that you cannot change. I am a slight perfectionist, so needless to say I have a number of insecurities that I am always thinking, or even obsessing, about.

After spending lots of time researching ways to alter my flaws, I got so disgusted at what I was doing. I can’t alter myself and I need to start accepting myself for WHO I AM. Easier said than done.

Common myths you have about your insecurities

1) No one will like me because of these “flaws”

2) I will never look or be good enough for anyone because of __________.

3) I am not pretty because of __________.

4) I am not the ideal ________ because of my flaws.

We need to stop thinking of ourselves in such a negative way. But HOW?! So many people tell people that in order to fix their insecurities, they simply need to love themselves and be happy. It doesn’t work that way. These insecurities are deeply rooted in your soul and it is going to take more than a smile and a positive attitude to erase them.

My plan is to run to Jesus, my savior. I know that no matter what I look like, He loves me and He always has, always will. God made me in His image, so whatever “flaws” I have, they really mean nothing and I am perfect in God’s eyes. Pslam 139:14 says, I am “fearfully and wonderfully made”. There is something to REJOICE in when hearing that. No matter what you are feeling or insecure about, God MADE you. HE made YOU. He poured His work into you and made you EXACTLY how He planned you to be. There are no mistakes. Period. These insecurities we have are just the devil trying to tell us that we are not good enough. Well, I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of letting the devil whisper these insecurities into my heart.

The process of getting over your insecurities is not an easy one, but with God, “all things about possible” and you are never alone. Remember the TRUTH and stay in that light.

Also be aware of the words you say to others. What you might think is a joke can really destroy a person. I still hold something over my head from an event that happened the middle of Junior year in  high school. I will never be the same because of it. Think about your actions and your words before you say or do them. You can be the person that impacts another’s life; will it be a positive impact or negative one? 


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