One of the biggest things that annoys me is how people deal with their feelings.

If you like someone, tell them.

If you don’t like someone, tell them.

Why do we have to play these stupid guessing games all the time? A sign of maturity is being able to discuss how you feel in a respectable manner. Sometimes when I try to have meaningful conversations with people, especially guys, they get all squeamish, jump to conclusions, and spontaneously deny their feelings when I know they have them.

Maybe I’m too blunt of a person, but I don’t like beating around the bush. Instead of trying to act “cool” all the time, just be yourself. Someone will love you for being 100% you, and the best thing about that is, you won’t have to change one thing about yourself. What freedom!

I’m so sick and tired of people trying to conform themselves for others to like and appreciate them. Why would you strive to be something you’re not just to be with someone?

Let us strive to speak our feelings and not be afraid of them. Let us be 100% ourselves and not worry about the things others may not like about us. Life is too short to not love ourselves completely. God gave you these personality and physical traits, so why would we want to alter them? Let us strive to glorify God in all that we do, each and every day. Sometimes being a Christian is against modern society, but in the end, what society thinks doesn’t matter.

Speak your feelings to others and let yourself be known. Don’t go about this world being unknown. Like pastor Matt Chandler once said, to be 99% known is to be unknown.




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