No Heat summer waves

Summer is finally here! During these next few months of insane heat, I don’t like to add damage to my hair. At the same time, if I let my hair dry naturally, it is awkwardly wavy and straight at the same time. Oh and not to mention flat.

After some experimentation, I have found a great way to get that every day, beachy and sexy hair without using any heat. It is so easy to do, I simply had to share it!


noheat3 noheat4

Step 1 

Take a shower and wash your hair as you normally would. Once you are out of the shower, let your hair dry in the towel for about 5 minutes. Then, comb your hair to make sure there are no tangles. Flip your hair over and run your fingers through your hair, adding volume and separating the hair follicles so they don’t stick flat on your head. Then let your hair air dry to about 75%.


Step 2

Once your hair is about 75% dry, grab your blow dryer on cool and run it through your roots for about 30 seconds to 1 minute just to lift up your roots. By now, your hair should be 80-85% dry. When your hair feels pretty dry (slightly damp is fine) you can move on to the next step!


Step 3

Grab a cotton headband. I like to use ones that are about 2 inches thick for bigger curls. Cotton is imperative to use because cotton makes your hair less frizzy! Place the headband over your brushed hair hippie style (over the crown of your head). Split your hair in half in the back and pull sections forward. Starting with your bands and working your way back, wrap 2 inch sections of hair around and through the head band. When you are done with one side, move to the other one. Hair will meet in the middle and just continue folding until all hair is up.


Step 4

I like to spray a little sea salt spray over the finished product right before bed just to add texture. Now you are ready to go to sleep! No need to worry about messing up your headband. Since your hair is twisted in the headband, it won’t fly off in your sleep!


Step 5

When you wake up, I like to have breakfast, do my makeup, and get ready for the day with my hair still up in the headband. Once ready, gently untwist hair starting in the front again until all of your hair is out of the headband. You will see beautiful ringlets, while at the same time they are not “perfect” curls where they don’t look natural.


Step 6

I like to finish my hair by spritzing some more sea salt spray all throughout my hair (don’t overdo it) and “scrunching” my hair. Finish with a hairspray to add some more volume!




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