Problem with Protein Bars

There is a huge misconception with how healthy protein bars actually are for you. Many people see the label “protein bar” or “energy bar” and think that by eating this bar in replace of a meal is good for them! I would like to unpack this misconception as well as offer an alternative to unwise and unhealthy eating.

Not so healthy “protein” bars 



Look at this picture. How many of these different bar brands have you tried and enjoyed? They seem like healthy options, some even claiming full vitamins and nutrients for women, energy level peak for people who work out, and high level of protein intake! While some of these might be true, overall these bars are not healthy.

Take a look at the nutrition and ingredients label.



While it is high in protein, lets examine the sugar content. That’s a lot. What’s even better about this type of sugar is it is not natural….as in it is not made from fruit. It is processed. The bad sugar.

What is even more scary are the ingredients. Just because the word “organic” is slapped in front of the product does not mean it is good for you. Why does a bar need to use so many ingredients? Before you get lazy and substitute a nutritious meal for a small bar (that probably won’t keep you full for more than 30 minutes), look at the ingredients.


Healthy bar alternative 

I get it. If you are in a tight pinch for time and don’t feel like you have time for a meal (may I suggest meal prepping), and you absolutely have to have a bar, let me suggest Lara Bars. These are amazing!



These bars have so many different flavors and are simple! No extra crap added to them to make them taste better or give you “energy”. What makes these bars so good? Simple. It is all in what nature provides.



3 simple ingredients. That’s right, only 3. Something that is truly “organic” and “raw” is simple. In this bar, the only ingredients are almonds, dates, and bananas. HOW SIMPLE. No added sugar or chemicals. If you look at all of the Lara Bar ingredient labels, the bars never contain more than 5 or 6 ingredients, depending on the flavor. Some are chocolate chip peanut butter, therefore adding raw chocolate chips. These bars are amazing and if you truly want to be healthy, these bars are the way to go.


So what does this mean? 

A rule of thumb to live by; if your packaged food has more than 5 ingredients, don’t eat it. And of course, always opt for natural, raw foods for a healthy diet. If you find yourself looking at calorie content over ingredients, you are doing it wrong. Calories are good for you (the right kind) to keep your body going…what matters for your health is what you PUT INSIDE YOUR BODY. Dates, almonds, and fruit are much more nutritional than Soy Lecithin and Palm Kernel oil.


Just my opinion, but I am sticking to it.



Kelly Ruth


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