Romantic Headband Up-do

Romantic & Simple Headband up-do

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Ever want to have a super fancy hair style for a formal event but have absolutely no idea how to master something so complicated? This hair style is literally SO easy, takes less than 5 minutes, stays all night, and is gorgeous and elegant!

Materials needed;

Curling iron

stretchy headband of choice

bobby pins


teasing comb

How to;

1) I like to start off with slightly curled hair. It holds the headband better, in my opinion. So, Loosely curl all of your hair with a 1 in – 1 1/2 in curling iron. Mine is by Hot Tools.  Gently curl the ends of your hair so that it is a loose and pretty curl

2) Grab your teasing comb (rat tail or brush teasing comb) and gently tease the top back half of your head (crown). I would just do maybe 2-3 layers of tease and then spray lightly with hairspray.

3) Once done teasing, gently comb the top layer of your hair so you don’t look like you have a bird’s nest on the top of your head. Teasing etiquette y’all.

4) Place the headband on your crown of your head. Thats it…don’t try to put it on like a typical head band (underneath your hair). Place it just on your crown of your head. It should dip lower in the back…think hippie. DON’T have the headband on your forehead though…tacky and definitely not romantic and elegant.

5) From there, grab sections of your hair (I start from the sides) and loosely twist the one inch pieces into the headband. This does not have to be neat at all. The messier, the more romantic it is. Work your way into the middle and when you are done, make sure to tuck in all of your excess hair so it is all secured in the headband.

6) I always bobby pin the sides of the headband to my hair just to make sure it doesn’t fly off while I’m out and about. This secures it more to your head.

7) To finish it out, hair spray that sucker!

It’s kind of hard to explain without pictures or a video, so I might either take pictures of me doing it or video it!

Image 3 Image 1 Image

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