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It’s a day late, so sorry for that. I really felt God pressing this topic on my heart tonight and I just had to write something on my blog. This post is about the importance of being KNOWN as well as my commentary on how annoying it is when people don’t state their feelings and try to play games. Grow up people.

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So as promised, Fridays are when I post some new stuff on my blog, although sometimes I add in surprises during the week (like this week!!). Check out my most recent post about “healthy” foods here.


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Even though it isn’t Friday and I promised to have updates every Friday…I just couldn’t contain this post any longer! I am tired of hearing everyone complain about being single, ring by spring, being “forever alone” and all of that crap! 


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Hope y’all enjoy…just my thoughts. 

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My 2013 Favorites!

Now that it is 2014, I thought it would be cool to make a post about my 2013 favorites! What a fantastic year 2013 was. Here’s to another great year…let’s go 2014!



My all time favorite makeup this past year was the BB cream by Garnier called Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfecter. I got the one for combination to oily skin and the light/medium shade. I have tried a bunch of different BB creams, but this one surpasses them all. It covers my skin and evens it out perfectly. The cream lasts all day and doesn’t make my skin oily, which it naturally usually is. It matches my skin tone flawlessly and is a must have for me to prime my face with before I apply the loose powder. I love this cream!

Tanning Lotion

I love having a great faux tan. I hate being pale, but in the winter, that I can’t be tan! I don’t believe in tanning beds because the only thing that can come from them is skin cancer…and I am a health nut so NO WAY do I want that!! I have tried countless numbers of spray tans and lotions, leaving me with orange skin and a nasty smell. This past year, I fell in love with Victoria’s Secret Self Tan, a self tanning cooling gel with pure avocado oils! It goes on smoothly and gives you an instant bronze which helps you know where you have already applied it. The smell, may not be perfect, but it does smell better than a lot of tanning lotions or gels I have tried. Because it is a gel, the tan appears faster than a lotion, which is good when you need an instant tan. The color lasts for days without reapplying, and when it does start to come off, it fades off evenly, leaving no ugly streaks or blotches. I highly recommend this gel.


This past year, the only things I have been drinking are water, coffee, and tea. Going to college forced me to fall in love with coffee…and I’m never going back! But, my all time favorite drink has got to be WATER. I never order anything else when I am at a restaurant and I don’t want to. Water is so much better than any soda or juice….who needs the extra sugar…I’m sweet enough as is;) I just don’t see the point in wasting my time with anything other than water. Nothing good can come from soda…so why have it? Give me the water!


This past year, I discovered my new favorite dessert, Arctic Zero Ice Cream! This ice cream is SUPER healthy. Wait, did I actually just say ice cream is healthy? Yes, I did! This Ice cream has about the same amount of calories as a serving of Blue Bell Ice cream….for the whole pint. CRAZY. Less sugar, fat, everything. AND it tastes good, coming in a bunch of different flavors. My favorite is probably either coffee or mint chocolate. They don’t sell them in every grocery store, so I would go to their website and see where you can buy them. Seriously so yummy and a great, healthy snack when you just are craving a sweet treat.


This past year has been a sad music year for me. Not many artists are catching my eye anymore. They all sound the same. You have your annoying pop hits with no talent, your mellow artists, hip hop wanna be thug rap stars, or your “I think I’m cool and different because I’m hipster even though I sound like every other hipster person out there in a coffee shop”. Thankfully, at the end of the year, I discovered through my best friend the band, Little Mix! They are AMAZING. It is a girl group (4 girls) who sing and dance. They have amazing vocals and such great songs. There is something in me that has always wanted to be in a girl group….so with these girls I can at least pretend! They remind me a lot of the swedish band Play (all time favorites), Spice Girls, and bands like that! I LOVE THEM. Give them a listen!


Magazines are my go to reading material sometimes. I love books, but I love me some magazines too! I like to pretend that I am super fashionable and belong in New York behind the scenes of the red carpet. My favorite magazine this past year was InStyle Magazine. They give such great fashion, style, beauty and fitness advice. They have the best celebrity interviews and the magazine is much larger than most magazines. I feel like I am actually getting my money’s worth when I buy this magazine! I love love love it!!


My favorite workout this year was Hot Yoga! You burn soooo many calories in such a short time and you feel rejuvenated afterwards. You are constantly dripping, and I mean dripping in sweat afterwards; I love it! Hot Yoga makes me feel strong, lean, toned, relaxed, flexible, and ready to conquer my day! I wish they had a Hot Yoga studio where I go to school. If I had my Yoga Instructor license and all the money in the world, I would totally open up a studio dedicated to Yoga and Hot Yoga where I live..if only! Go try Hot Yoga!

Beauty Product

This year, I rediscovered my love for lotion. My favorites are St. Ives, Victoria’s Secret, and Bath and Body Works. I just love the feeling of lathering up before I go to bed! It relaxes me, and I go to bed smelling amaaaazing. Wearing lotion makes me feel so soft and luxurious; I feel like royalty.


I have been in love with sunglasses. 2013 was definitely the year of Sunglasses for me. I can’t even begin to tell you how many pairs I have broken over this past year. I need to invest in a really good quality pair of sunglasses. Nothing against Forever21’s 3 dollar sunglasses, but they sure do break easily! Maybe I will save up all of my money and purchase some good quality sunglasses, like these beautiful Chanel ones….in my dreams!


My favorite YouTube personality for 2013 was MissGlamorazzi. She is gorgeous, fun, positive, and has the best videos. If you haven’t, check her out. She is great and definitely one of my inspirations.

TV Show

I know I am a little late on these shows, but my favorite TV shows for 2013 was Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. Seriously, these are the best shows out there. Fashion, drama, love, friendship….what more could a show have?! I know these shows are the typical girl show, but they are for a reason! LOVE them!! XOXO OTH forever!

2013 was a great year. I learned a TON about myself and I grew a lot as a person. It is crazy to remember where I was at the beginning of 2013 to where I was at the end. A totally different person, and in a good way. I am loving life to it’s fullest. Sure, things get me upset sometimes, I can get down on myself, and sometimes I feel lonely, but 2013 has been a good year and I am thankful for everything that happened that shaped me into the woman I am today. I step forward into 2014 with God’s mission guiding my heart and my steps. I pray that I can become a better person this year. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in plan for me in 2014.


Kelly Ruth

All new Friday’s!

Starting the first week of January, I will be posting a new post every Friday! Look for weekly updates in either the Beauty, Closet, DIY, Fitness, Food, or Testimony category on my page! If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to comment on a page or e-mail me at Kellyrh414@hotmail.com. If you have any questions or comments about my faith, feel free to e-mail me as well.

Very excited about my new weekly updates coming January 2014! 

Stay tuned!!


Kelly Ruth