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Unselfish Friendship 

Testimony; Who I Am

So, this site is dedicated to fashion, food, crafts, and the like. But most importantly, I am striving to do all of these things for the glory to God.

A little bit about my walk with God so far; I did not grow up in a Christian home. My family and I went to church on the weekends sometimes when I was very little (I only remember coloring in the seat with my sister not paying any attention to the sermon). As a family, we stopped going when I moved to where I currently live around the age of 7 or 8. From then on, I never even stopped twice to think about God, who He is, going to church, or anything related to Christianity.

The beginning of my Sophomore year in high school (approaching the ripe age of 16), my good friend invited me to go to church with her. I had been feeling this longing to go to church. I felt like I was missing something and for some reason, I thought I just needed to go to church and see what it was all about. After we started going to The Village Church in Dallas for a couple weeks, I started changing my ways.

I was never a crazy partier or anything like that. From the outside looking in, I was a morally virtuous person. But from the inside, I was angry. I was negative about my appearance, concerned only of worldly pleasures and outcomes, and honestly a little lost. After just a couple of weeks attending The Village, I considered myself a Christian.

Looking back on that moment, I have changed SO much and it’s honestly a little crazy and hard to believe. Even after I started attending church, my mind still wandered and I still held worldly values higher than Godly values. I kept a journal (I love journaling..aka blogging now haha!) and I have been looking through them and just blown away by my concerns. I was so concerned about my looks, social situations, why I was single, blah blah blah. I told myself that I was a Christian, but I didn’t actually know what it MEANT to be a Christian.

Years have passed and I have continued to grow tremendously with God. My concerns are now not solely focused on appearance, getting a boyfriend, fitting in and the like. Yes, as many of my close friends know, I STILL am wrestling with being comfortable with my own skin and I am always trying to be “perfect”, and in some ways that might never go away. But, I have learned to put my trust and faith in Jesus Christ. That alone is amazing. Looking back to where I was to where I am now, in just a little less than 4 short years is astonishing. I am by all means NOT the perfect example of a Christian, but honestly only Jesus Christ is. I have my short comings and sometimes I loose my temper. The difference between who I am NOW and who I was THEN is that everyday I try to put aside my worldly concerns and try to glorify God through my actions, thoughts, words, etc. Glorifying God is why we are here and this task can be difficult in a world where being religious is often times reserved for Sunday, or where most of your friends do not encourage you with godly advice but with worldly advice. But, like Paul testifies, persecutions are a way to glorify God.

This is just a clip notes version of my testimony that is ever evolving. 


Kelly Ruth 


One comment

  1. Seriously I love you! I am so thankful for your salvation, and that The Lord saved you from His wrath! And now you get to spend eternity with him! What a blessing! Just makes you want to live more for him daily! I am
    Happy about our bible study we have going! Can’t wait for our friendship to grow more in Christ weekly!<3

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