Victorias Secret Workout



With the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show just around the corner, we are about to see dozens of gorgeous women with perfect bodies all over the social media. Personally, these images serve as a great inspiration and motivator for me to get the body I want! What better way to kick off the holiday season than by getting the body of your dreams? Here are a few exercises to get that Victoria’s Secret Angel body by the time of the fashion show!


1. Cardio

Cardio is one of the main things to burn fat. The best forms of cardio I have found are using the elliptical, running, or HIT training. My favorite form of cardio to burn fat is to do the elliptical for 30 minutes at a high intensity level then hit up the stair master for the last 15 minutes of my cardio workout.


Joan Smalls


2. Abs

Obviously the focus-point on the runway, the Angels are known for having perfectly flat abs. Here are some effective abdominal exercises to implement into your workout!

1. Plank holds for 1 minute at a time

2. Side plank holds for 30 seconds at a time

3. Rainbow Planks on forearms (twist and dip hips side to side) for 30 seconds

4. Plank with alternating leg and arm lifts for 30 seconds

5. bicycle crunches for 30 seconds

6. Russian twists for 30 seconds

7. Suitcases for 30 seconds

8. Regular crunches for 30 seconds





Lean and toned legs are greatly coveted by Victoria’s Secret Angels. It’s hard to get toned legs; either legs are not toned at all or super bulky. These exercises will target legs to lean them out as well as tone and define them.

1. Lay on back with knees bent and do pelvic raises for 30 seconds. This will target your booty as well as your hamstrings

2. Body weight lunges alternating for 30 seconds

3. Body weight squats for 30 seconds

4. Pilates Leg pulses each side for 30 seconds. Lie on your side with your legs straight and your hand propping your head/upperbody up.  Do little pulses on your top leg. You will feel this on your booty and all down your leg and inner thigh


Overall; Pilates and Yoga are great exercises to achieve long, lean, and toned legs.



Arms are also so very important. Obviously, Angels are not body builders; however, they do have nice and defined arms. Here are some fun and easy workouts to do to trim those arms.

1. Regular Push ups for 30 seconds

2. Tricep Dips for 30 seconds

3. With a 10 pound dumbbell, do bicep curls for 30 seconds each side

4. With the same 10 pound dumbbell, do overhead presses for 30 seconds



Obviously there are so many workouts to do, but these workouts combined as well as a healthy diet will get you a rocking body in no time!


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