April Favorites

April Favorites are here!

April was a month of trying out some new beauty products, experimenting, and seeing what I like! Here are some of my favorites for this past month.





1. I love myself a good Self tanner. While St. Tropez can be pretty expensive, it is 100% worth it! It comes in a big bottle that lasts for a good amount of time (I am still using mine and I got it the beginning of the month). It smells SO good and when it dries and sinks into your skin it doesn’t leave a foul smelling odor! CRAZY right?! It produces a beautiful, streak free color that doesn’t come of blotchy. For tips and tricks on how to apply, check out my post here.




2. The Body Shop makes lots of yummy smelling, luxurious feeling body butters! This one is one of my all time favorites because it smells like roses with a sultry vibe to it. I love applying this after I take a shower before bed. You wake up with unbelievably smooth skin and you smell so so so good! The scent lasts for hours and is sexy without being too strong. You can buy your own here




3. Mascara really transforms your eyes. Without it, I can barley see my lashes. It is a struggle for me finding a good mascara that doesn’t make my lashes clumpy, provides volume and lots of length, while it also defines my lashes and doesn’t rub off or smear throughout the day…but is also easy to take off! Yes, I know my list is extensive, but this mascara does it all! I would recommend this to ANYONE. Here




4. Attention beauty lovers! Kat Von D (tattoo artist and makeup artist) has created a new eye shadow pallet!!! It is her Monarch collection. She has two pallets, one is a warmer one and one has cooler toned colors like purple, greens, etc. I am a “natural smokey eye” kind of girl, so the orange (warmer) colored pallet was more up my ally! This pallet is amazing. The pigmentation of the eye shadows stay on your eye lid while blending easily and beautifully. There are so many different looks you can create with this. I love this pallet and use it everyday. Whether I am trying to achieve a day look or a night look, this pallet is perfect. Buy yours here



5. Too Faced is one of my favorite makeup brands. I love everything I buy from them, especially their eye shadow pallets. This month, I decided to change things up a bit and try out their bronzer. Let me tell you, this bronzer is amazing. It goes one smoothly, blends easily, and SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE. Yes…that’s right. This bronzer is made with real coco powder. What more could you ask for? It comes in a couple different shades. I wear the Chocolate Soleil in Medium/deep matte bronzer. I am light/medium light skin toned, so this provides a nice glow. BEWARE: Don’t go too heavy handed. A little goes a long way with this bronzer. Purchase yours here





6. A true cat lady needs a cat lady mug. I found this cute pink mug while I was in Kansas City for the Men’s Big 12 championship! I bought it from Urban Outfitters. I love this mug so much. I feel like it encompasses my personality to a “T”; I love pink, cats, and coffee. It’s perfect! Buy yours here



7. Candles are my weakness. It is impossible for me to go into Bath and Bodyworks without smelling all of the candles and most likely buying one or two. They usually have sales too, which is perfect. This candle has been a favorite for me, especially this month. With summer just around the corner, this candle is the perfect transition from winter to spring to summer. It has a delicate smell to it, while it still smells fresh and home-y. Buy yours here


XO- Kelly Ruth


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