Eyeshadow Fun!

There are so many different brands and colors of eye shadows in the world that it can be hard to find one that suits you! I feel like there is always something new to try, which is one of the best parts about playing with makeup.

Probably my go to eye shadow pallets are ones of neutral shades. I love playing with different finishes of browns. The natural eye is so pretty to me and definitely gives you that “I’m not trying I naturally look this flawless” look relatively easily. I love to play up a good smokey eye, but with browns and creams. Many women think that a “smokey eye” has to be with blacks and grays. I think that these harsh colors intensify your makeup, instead of your makeup intensifying your eyes. 

Here is one of my newest installments in my eyeshadow collection. I love these colors. You can mix them however you want and really change up your look. I love to combine that matte colors with the shimmery, too! There isn’t a color on here that I won’t use. Click Here to purchase. blogb



Another pallet I have come to know and love is the Too Faced Natural eye make up. These colors are so blend-able and smooth, and they last all day. I love the array of chocolatey colors. These colors are perfect for the day time, but also transition well into the night time look. I would recommend this pallet to anyone, and in fact I do. Click Here to purchase.



As of right now, those are my two favorite eye shadow pallets; I guess you could say I love the Two Faced products! I have purchased and used the Naked 2 pallet by Urban Decay, and I was not a fan. The eye shadows broke off easily and ruined my set. Other than the poor making of the product, I found myself only using a few. Many were too dark or way to shimmery for a natural and “naked” look. That is just my opinion, but I am still on the search for a good, natural go to eye shadow pallet!


Thanks for reading.



Kelly Ruth


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